• 27 Dec 2020

The Investment House participates in the Accountants Association conference

Lutfi: We seek to build a prosperous and proper future for the position of the State of Qatar

Yesterday, The Qatar Association of Certified Public Accountants organized the Digital Power Conference in cooperation with ACCA, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Public Works Authority and the Investment House Company, in the Public Authority for Cultural District «Katara».
Dr. Hashem Al-Sayyid, Chairman of the Qatari Association of Certified Public Accountants, said: The Association of Accountants organized the Digital Forces Conference in cooperation with the British ACCA,  having a strategic partnership that resulted in the organization of numerous seminars, lectures and several workshops.
He added that the main goal of the conference is to know the opportunities that exist and are available in the State of Qatar in terms of digital forces, confirming that the conference is a unique opportunity to meet with a group of experts and specialists working in different sectors to exchange different points of view and knowledge.
Sharing experiences and opinions
Mr. Abdullah Al Mansoori, Vice Chairman of the Accountants Association, said that the Qatari Association  of Certified Accountants is organizing the Digital Force conference in cooperation with the ACCA, which is being held for the first time in the State of Qatar, under the slogan "digital power and how to take advantage of the opportunity in Qatar".
He added: The conference is a link to exchange experiences and present theses of  the latest developments and results in the digital sector, and discusses the impact of technological developments that are advancing at a high speed and the changes caused by the revolution of financial technologies in the economic scene and the reality of using artificial intelligence in accounting and how the parties concerned respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by modern technologies in developing accounting and building their digital skills.
Al-Mansouri thanked and appreciated the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Public Works Authority and the Investment House Company for their support and sponsorship in this conference, he also pointed out  that this confirms the extent of interest  and it’s importance in the digital sector to enhance the knowledge economy and creating economic opportunities in a world where measuring the digital power of countries has become linked to the extent of their ability to contribute to the digital economy industry and the transition to knowledge economy.

Potential investment
For his part, Mr. Mohamed Lotfy, Chief Financial Officer in Investment House Company, said: I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the Qatar association of Certified Public Accountants and ACCA for their kind invitation to us to participate in this conference.
He added: The Investment House Company is considered one of the oldest investment companies operating in Qatar, under the umbrella of the Qatar Central Bank, and the company's business including many activities inside and outside Qatar, and we have found in this conference an added value for our directions as we place the digital economy at the top of our priorities, and  as a result  we have launched the first Islamic digital currency, which is "E- dinar", to join the State of Qatar in the world of digital currencies.
Mohamed Lotfy confirmed the importance of the conference in spreading social awareness of the importance of digital transformation, which helps in achieving a qualitative shift in society towards more investment opportunities in the technology sector and creating economic opportunities.
He also said: We hope to invest the huge potentials and distinct opportunities provided by the technology sector, in a way that contributes to creative solutions to advance sustainable development and keep pace with the rapid global developments in this field, and build a prosperous proper future for the position of the State of Qatar