Company Overview

Investment House is a leading financial and investment company with three main business lines,
including: Investment Banking, Wealth Management services, and Asset Management services
that encompass Global Markets Dealing Room.

Investment House is a Qatari private shareholding company licensed by Qatar Central Bank.
Since its establishment in 2001, the Company has worked to adhere to the principles and
regulations of the Islamic Sharia by appointing a Sharia supervisory board consisting of a group
of senior scholars in the State of Qatar.

Investment House provides multiple investment opportunities that meet different investors'
needs, commensurate with their different risk tolerance to strive to achieve their investment goals
and aspirations to manage their funds, assets, and wealth.
The Company also seeks to create a distinctive investment climate by providing innovative
solutions and services.

In addition, Investment House has continuous participation to assist in achieving Qatar National
Vision 2030. It also endeavors to contribute to the growth of the Qatari economy and the
development of human resources through conducting educational campaigns and training
workshops to enrich the Qatari society.