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Company Overview

As one of Qatar’s premier Investment Banking Services, Asset Management and Wealth Management companies, Investment House enjoys the confidence of investors and elevates their aspirations for the future.

Investment House is proud to be a private, Qatari, shareholding company, licensed by the Qatar Central Bank. Since its establishment in 2001, the company has upheld an unwavering commitment to wise governance, while carrying out its functions under the provisions of the Islamic Shari’a. Investment House’s Shari'a Supervisory Board is comprised of a group of leading scholars in the State of Qatar.

While offering innovative Investment Banking Services, Asset Management and Wealth Management designed to maximize returns is the company’s strength, we also distinguish ourselves by creating a unique opportunity for affluent individuals.

Investment House customizes investment solutions, across an expanding range of products. Working with a mindset of maximizing value, the company promotes wide ranging investment opportunities, solutions and services that meet the risk appetite of clients, creating an environment where clients can reach their specific financial, asset and wealth management goals.