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About Dealing Room

The practical experience of our Dealing Room team spans years. The team possesses deep and wide knowledge and experience to provide the best trading services in various markets. Our experts excel in their awareness of local, regional and international financial markets and they provide support and advice that helps investors to achieve their goals.

We prepare investment plans that attract the best investment opportunities in the financial markets in order to increase returns and reduce risks. These plans are continuously developed in accordance with the conditions of the financial markets.

Investment House has one of the most advanced dealing room in Qatar. We work with the largest providers of financial services and have strong relationships with most financial institutions across the world. Our dealing room are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and they are managed by professionals with extensive and diversified experience in trading currencies, stocks, precious metals and commodities.
•    Global stock markets
•    Foreign exchange markets (Forex)
•    Energy and commodities markets (oil, gas)
•    Precious metals markets (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium)
•    Global indices markets
•    ETF markets

All accounts with Investment House are Islamic free of any Swaps, and are subject to the provisions of Islamic Sharia and the policies and conditions applied in The Company