Our Vision

To be the leading Qatari investment company in the field of investment business and Islamic financial services in the Arab world.

Our Mission

Offering innovative, value investment solutions to our clients in all local, regional and international markets through a competitive investment and financial services portfolio in accordance with the principles of Islamic Shari’a.

Our Core Values

At Investment House, we believe that our values are the guiding principles to our business. In fact, they serve as a foundation for all our works, and they instruct us at all levels.

Integrity & Credibility

Investment House leads with integrity, and we uphold the highest standards of professionalism, credibility, and transparency in all aspects of our work.


Investment House is committed to excellence in all its business aspects, whereas the investment solutions and wealth management services we recommend to investors correspond to their individual needs and suit their goals and aspirations.

Trust & Respect

Investment House maintains the two pillars of trust and respect in all its work and relationships with investors and strategic partners. The Company obliges to the highest levels of ethical and professional standards to guarantee the privacy of clients’ investments and the security of their assets.


The Investment House team works with a cohesive spirit and a shared vision to fulfill the Company's strategic and financial goals while working devotedly to achieve clients' investing goals.

Sustainable Development

Investment House believes that sustainable development is an essential foundation for building a solid and stable institution. Enables a continuous growth curve that contributes to the prosperity of our clients’ future, meets their aspirations for success, and achieves the Company's goals over the years.