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Asset Management

Investment House has an impeccable track record of Asset Management capability. We offer a comprehensive range of investment solutions and advisory services covering various forms of asset management, strategies and markets.

Our Asset Management team works to ensure our clients’ investments are managed in a manner consistent with their long-term investment goals. We take our client’s risk tolerance into account when we identify, select and combine the best investment ideas to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns. We also ensure client portfolios are well diversified, so that we can reduce unsystematic risk, and increase overall returns per unit of risk.

In Investment House we are distinguished by our capabilities in this field to provide management services of funds, investment portfolios, private equity funds, real estate, stocks, and regional and international commodities listed. We also manage our client’s portfolio depending on their goals and their willingness to take risks.

Investment House also creates funds and portfolios, as well as alternative investment products that are Shari’a compliant, including private equity, real estate with broad geographical coverage and asset management. In addition, Investment House offers specialized portfolio management services, which are based on the client’s investment objectives, risk level and expected returns.
Our asset management team’s services and solutions cover:
•    Portfolio Management
•    Fund Management
•    Discretionary Portfolio Management
•    Financial Planning Services
•    Trading Services in Global Markets