investment house desire to focus on diversify Islamic investments, seeking to risk mitigates and achieve sustainable returns to its clients. and as a founder of Al bait al Mali fund we offers to our clients opportunity to invest in Qatar stock exchange especially in stocks sharia compliant in cooperation with QNB SWISS as a fund manager and QNB as a custodian. al bait al Mali fund as a Sharia-compliant fund (Bloomberg ticker: ABAMALI) that allow to subscribers to be exposure to the one of strongest economic in GCC (QATAR), and invest in listed companies in major sectors : banks, real estate , industries. which reflects the real growth in the Qatari economy . al bait al Mali fund in 2006 was from the firsts Sharia-compliant mutual fund  licensed in Qatar and founded by Qatari law and QCB regulations.

Al bait al Al bait al Mali fund (open-end) consists of Sharia-compliant equities listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange,  that seeks to track Al Rayan Islamic Index which meet sharia criteria and all listed companies that does not contradict the provisions of the Islamic Sharia law, and in a manner not conflicting with the instructions and executive regulations of Law No. (25) of 2002 on investment funds.