Asset Management

The asset management team at Investment House offers a comprehensive set of investment solutions to its clients that meet their needs and enable them to achieve their financial goals. This is accomplished through providing the best possible investment opportunities in local and global markets, and managing and distributing a significant set of investment funds, in addition to managing financial portfolios of high-net-worth individuals and corporations. It is worth mentioning that the management of such financial portfolios and funds is accomplished by a group of financial experts, analysts, and advisors who have extensive experience and knowledge in the investment sector. Our experts ensure that they continuously communicate with their clients to understand their financial needs and examine their investment goals along with their respective risk tolerance.

Our asset management services and solutions cover:

• Investment Portfolio Management

• Investment Fund Management

• Financial Planning Services

• Financial Portfolio Management in Global Markets

• In addition to the exceptional services provided by our Asset Management Team to the Company's clients through the Dealing Room.