Investment House

Our Services

Investment House focuses on Asset Management, Investment Banking and Structured Finance. Investment House activities covers geographically Qatar and other GCC countries. We are looking at expanding our geographical reach to include a number of promising and select markets.

Asset Management

Investment House is prepares to be the preferred value added Shari'a compliant asset management company.

Managing our clients’ assets, funds, wealth and portfolio in a strategic professional manner is our responsibility, and it ranges from doing the necessary financial analysis, asset selection, stock selection, but to also plan the implementation and ongoing monitoring of investments.

We think globally by offering a Diversified asset management services that include mutual funds, Equity funds, pension funds, along with managing portfolios and real estate funds.

We act locally and looking over the market needs, by Developing those products that suite the market within our Shari' a principles definition.

Portfolio & Wealth Management

Our Asset Management team is setting the standards for portfolio and wealth management activities in Qatar. Our team includes a strong quantitative and research group, which assists in the development of strategic asset allocation decisions and risk management of the portfolios.

Managing our client’s portfolios and wealth includes:

  • Client & Risk Anlysis
  • Assesing Market Outlook
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Diversification
  • Wealth Maximization

Mutual Funds

Our due care approach of maximizing the Net Asset Value (NAV) per share of the mutual fund makes us a partner of choice and in the light of our customer service and experienced team, we deliver accurate and transparent information.

We both developing and manage equity, open-ended or closed-ended, and balanced funds.

Real Estates

The real state sector is known to be a significant and growing sector in the GCC region. The booming domestic economy is the key variable underpinning real estate demand across GCC countries. High population growth, high per capita GDP, and abundant resources entailing rapid industrial expansion, have all been vital to the growth of the sector. Moreover, real estate has been impacted significantly by the effect of an increase in government expenditure level over the last few years. They have also been supportive to the real estate sector through the issuance of various laws that allow foreign Ownership across the region.

Investment House services include the incorporatrion and management of different types of the real estate funds. Investment House entire real estate team is focused on setting the highest standards and earning its place as the premier landlord for Corporates across the region.

Al-Bait Al-Mali Fund

Al-Bait Al-Mali Fund was established in 2006 as an open investment fund licensed by Qatar Central Bank. The Fund can invest in shari’a compliant listed shares in Doha Securities Market as well as non-listed securities. The Fund is opened for Qatari investors only.

The Fund capital is ranging from QR 50m “first issue” distributed among 5m investment units to QR 500m distributed among 50m investment units, as the per unit nominal value is QR 10.